Addressing the Gut Microbiome with Christa Orecchio

July 20, 2017

Today, we’re delving into the gut microbiome. This is one of the big root causes behind many health and skin conditions, so I’m excited to share this information with you…

My guest today is Christa Orecchio. She is founder of The Whole Journey and is a clinical and holistic nutritionist. After healing herself from brain fog, thyroid, and adrenal problems, Christa was able to access a new level of health and happiness she previously did not think was possible. This inspired her to leave the business world to study holistic nutrition in 2003 so that should could "pay it forward" and help others experience the same powerful shifts.

She has a private practice, is a local and national health TV show host, bestselling author and creator of Kick Candida for Good and the revolutionary Gut Thrive in 5 microbiome rejuvenation program.

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