Debunking Dieting Myths with Dietician Cassie

August 17, 2017

My guest today is known by her fans and followers as Dietitian Cassie. She is a globally recognized leader in weight loss, highly sought-after speaker, and international bestselling author. 

For more than a decade, her methodology used in her worldwide coaching program has helped tens of thousands of men and women identify the missing puzzle pieces—the real reasons for their weight issues — and guide them through her step-by-step process to address those factors and put their pieces back together. 

From major corporate speaking events and personal client coaching to her regular column, "Real Talk with Dietitian Cassie" in Paleo Magazine, Cassie and her team of dietitians help people find freedom from diets and chronic health conditions.

There’s a good chance you’ve seen her in the media, such as CBS, ABC, WCCO, FOX News, CNN, TIME, Parade, Cosmopolitan, SELF, SHAPE, Women’s Health, Men's Fitness and The Huffington Post.

In today’s interview we talk discuss diet myths and the diet changes that actually help people lose weight, feel great and have glowing skin.

So, please enjoy this interview with Dietician Cassie. 

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4 Top Wellness Doctors Share the #1 Way to Elevate Your Wellbeing

August 11, 2017

Today, I have something special for you... I was attending a wellness conference with top health experts from around the country, and I had the opportunity to interview 4 of them. I asked each of these women doctors what each of them has discovered to be the #1 thing that helps people elevate their wellbeing. Each one is different and equally important. You probably already know these women because they are movers and shakers in the wellness world…

Dr. Amy Myers NYT besselling author of the Thyroid Connection

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, NYT bestselling author of The Bone Broth Diet

Dr. Joan Rosenberg psychologist, consultant and speaker.

Dr. Izabella Wentz #1 NYT bestselling author of Hashimoto’s Protocol

Please enjoy these interviews!

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