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Holiday Healthy Eating with Lisa Goldberg

November 21, 2018

Today’s podcast is all about Healthy Eating Tips During the Holidays. My guest is Lisa Goldberg MS, CNS, CDN. She is a nutritionist and behavior/lifestyle coach with a Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University.  

Lisa has been coaching clients since 2001 and specializes in coaching on  mindful eating, mindset,  habit/behavior change and overcoming emotional eating. Her clients learn how to create sustainable changes that empowers them to lose unwanted weight for good. 

Lisa is the author of the book FOOD FIGHT –Winning the Battle with Food and Eating to Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss. She served as the nutritionist on the New York Stock Exchange where she created HealthCoach, a healthy lunch program that delivered healthy meals to Wall Street traders from 2003-2013. She is also a personal trainer certified by ACE since 1994.

Her private practice is on the Upper West Side in New York City and coaches clients virtually around the world.

On today’s podcast we discuss eating and lifestyle tips to help you stay healthy thru the holidays so you don’t get to the New Year with a big list of New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight and get back on track.